(Personal Work)

CLIENT: Food Design Conference

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: While attending a food design conference at The New School, I decided to embark on a set of slides to introduce a design tool-kit that describes ways in which design could be incorporated into food to change our perception of food and culture.

(Personal Work with Maurice Dusault and Phyo Htet Htet Aung)

CLIENT: City In Our Mind

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: For this project, my group decided to capture memories of people in the city, by allowing them to upload stories/memories at places where they had memorable ones. The stories/memories would then be uploaded to a website, and users are be able to explore them. The project strived to bring a more enriching experience to the city, while bringing value to areas of the city that are often overlooked.

(Personal Work with Megan Jana and Phi Tran)

CLIENT: Canvas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: For this project, I worked in a group to rethink and redesign the user-experience of Canvas. We introduced an element of personalization by incorporating customizable profiles and looks for users, while simplifying the flow and icons that are involved in the site. Prototyping through A/B testing, and user-centric approaches, we were able to gather feedback to execute a better version of Canvas for students.